Which Is The Best Carat Weight For Diamonds

Diamonds are complex gems. They have to be chosen with great care, if you want to avoid overpaying. It’s not uncommon that vendors charge clients more than the real value of the stones. However, everybody can learn the basics of shopping for diamonds, as this isn’t exactly rocket science. As a matter of fact, if you understand the color and the clarity, as well as the correlation between the size and the carat weight, you can be almost sure you are capable of making an excellent choice.

Let’s be honest here

As a matter of fact, the best carat weight for a diamond is the one you can afford. Nonetheless, there are a few tricks that could help you make a smart choice. For instance, you should know that the carat weight and the size aren’t in linear correlation. Larger gemstones are quite rare, so they are always more expensive. For instance, a 2 carat diamond is going to cost more than two one carat gems. This should make you think twice about investing in larger stones.

a-one-carat-diamond-ring-on-fingerAs carat is rather a measure of a diamond’s weight, you need to be aware that it may not always reflect its size with good accuracy. Brilliant cut gems are the ones in which this correlation is the most accurate. Their carat weight is a good measure of their diameter. However, this rule doesn’t apply to other shapes such as pear, oval and marquise.

Another good hint is that gems that weigh one carat and over tend to be more expensive than those weighing less than one carat. If you perform a side by side comparison of a one carat stone and a .90 one, you are going to be surprised by the fact that they appear to be equal in size. If you look at their prices, you may also be astounded to see how big the difference is. You can save a small fortune, without making a noticeable compromise on the size of your diamond.

However, if you aren’t aware of this little trick, you may be tempted to buy any stone that fits your budget and your requirements in terms of clarity and color. We don’t mention the cut grade, because this is the one feature which you shouldn’t compromise on, if you want to make a good investment.

There is no easy answer

In conclusion, it’s tricky to say which carat weight is best for diamonds, as it depends very much on the specific situation. If you want your stone to set it in gold, in en engagement ring, you should aim for the lowest possible price that still meets the minimum acceptable grades of the 4Cs.

If you want to purchase diamonds as an investment, you need to think in slightly different terms, as the most important thing is to make sure your gemstones are the best you can possible buy for the money you intend to spend. If you remember the rule that larger gems cost more per carat than smaller ones, you can come up with a smart shopping strategy to help you make the wisest choice possible.

Last but not least, avoid getting caught in the illusion that bigger is better. You might make a much better investment by acquiring smaller stones with better clarity and color grades, as such diamonds are always easier to sell, should you ever need some cash for an emergency at some point in your life. Aim for the best quality, and be ready to give up on the carat weight, if this is a must. As a matter of fact, this is the smart way to shop for all types of gemstones.

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